The strategy to get employees to do something they don't want to do or at least not in a hurry was based on the added benefit of extra time off and, above all, on appropriately targeted and formulated communication of both the benefit itself and the vaccination process. The key was to find a way to reach someone who doesn't follow the normal internal channels.

Tools and acitivities

The basis of the campaign was internal communication. It was crucial that employees had time to process the information, but also that the message was clear and motivating. In the first phase, we identified key ambassadors within the company, trained them and used them to introduce the new benefit and the reason why vaccination is so important to the company, "in person". We then deployed creative "Hopi-style" flyers and posters, newsletters, attached a letter from the CEO to the payroll, and used an app on the driver. The content matched the form: communication on classic posters was more punchy and concise, taking into account the different positions and target groups (drivers, warehouse workers, administration), but also the different locations across the country. Getting the message across to drivers proved to be the biggest problem. Therefore, we decided to prepare a creative specifically for drivers in the next part of the campaign and target potential barriers in the form of the most common questions and answers about vaccination. The individual approach was also supported by the creation of a scenario for employee communication about vaccination. It was also clear to us from the beginning that it was important to get the information to all employees and across the language barrier, so all communication was translated into Ukrainian at the same time.


By combining different communication channels, we managed to deliver the information about the benefit to all HOPI employees and eliminate its misinterpretation and negative reactions to the introduction of a fifth week of vaccination-only leave. To this end, we identified and trained appropriate ambassadors to help convey and explain the information, and HOPI intends to benefit from the potential of some of the communication channels used in the future. Overall, we raised vaccination coverage from 50% to 70.1% in just two months of active communication. By increasing vaccination rates, we reduced morbidity and prevented HOPI staff from being exposed to the next wave of coronavirus.

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