Our idea worked mainly thanks to the innovative way of handling the content. Users themselves could edit a personalised trailer for 2020 using a simple form and show how they spent it. What they would otherwise communicate through memes, they shared through footage from popular HBO series! Each in their own way, with their own name, in their own language. The campaign ran in parallel in 14 European countries.

Tools and activities

We had each user fill out a simple questionnaire on the microsite with their first name, reflecting their daily life in 2020 and covering topics such as socialising, exercise, work or travel. By selecting from 3-5 predefined answers, users were matched with scenes from their favorite HBO movies, which made up the final trailer (attached to the application). The result was an infinite number of possibilities and it was not within human power to edit each video individually. So we used MotionLab technology to create a customized video for each user based on the different inputs.


The activation campaign resulted in over 300,000 visits to each site and 109,018 unique videos generated in 14 countries. The average conversion rate across all landing pages was 11x higher than usual and in the case of the Croatian market, the conversion rate was as high as 75.6%, 23.6x higher than last year's Unbounce Conversion Report statistics! In the Czech Republic, over 21,000 videos were generated with a conversion rate of 44.2% and in Slovakia, over 70% of website visitors created a video. Not only did people want to have their video created, but thanks to personalization, they wanted to share it with others. Almost one in four people used the option to share the video on social media or download it to their device. In Bulgaria, the number of shares reached 47.7%.

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