• Fusion
    of Knowledge

    A network of top advertising and communication experts from diverse specialised fields

    The Konektor can locate and put together a team of top experts from various specialist areas of commercial communication and professionals in other related fields such as sociology and multimedia art. The Konektor is a dynamic and ever-expanding network.

  • Fusion
    of Skills

    the Best

    The Konektor identifies and interconnects those who have achieved excellent results in their respective fields, those who have succeeded in the market of ideas and creative skills. The integration of such personalities naturally enhances the potential and usefulness of the Konektor.

  • Fusion
    of Needs

    Particular people
    for particular projects

    The Konektor guarantees that only the best-suited and most motivated people are selected for each project – only those people who are willing and able to devote all their efforts to the project at hand with the utmost enthusiasm and devotion.

  • Fusion
    of Efficiencies

    You only pay
    for what you get

    The Konektor can design and implement comprehensive advertising campaigns covering all possible media and communication channels. A dedicated, specialist team is selected for each project, which means that you only pay for people who actually work for you and you alone. And you always have the certain knowledge that only the best in the field work for you. If we don’t work, you don’t pay :–)